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USAJobBoard reaches thousands of qualified applicants daily who are actively seeking employment. We help connecting job seekers and employers through several unique career channels and more than 1,000 industry and regional communities including colleges and universities. We also make a direct contact with job-seekers and help you connect with them.

Our job board is powered by businesses like you and Indeed — the #1 job site worldwide, with more than 60 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searches per month.

What you will get:

  • We contact: We will contact job-seekers via phone / email
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  • Reach Local or National: Add Google Map to your job post to target local or national job seekers
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  • Company Profile: Create your own company profile including logos
  • Low cost & great customer service support via phone, email or web

Simple steps to create a company profile

Build and customize your free Employer Profile yourself, with an easy-to-use online management system.

  • Easily upload your logos and company description on your account dashboard.
  • Connect social media accounts, blogs, or media releases.
  • Edit and update your page in minutes, and as often as you like.

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